Combine PDFs 3.0

Combine PDFs 3.0 is a perfect little tool for merging all your PDFs into an individual one. Sometimes you need to join several documents together to make further editing on it (If you’re also looking for editing PDF pages, please check check here), since Adobe does not support combining PDFs, this nifty tool provides helps you combine unlimited number of files together. To do so, simply drag & drop PDFs into the program’s interface or locate them via the inside file finder.

By , the tool lets you grant a new name for the resulted file and also change the author and creator. It also provides the options for searching files which will be merged in preview mode and set page number to them. In such way, you can make your own files from various resources easily. Moreover, the latest Combine PDFs brings more facilitations include improvements in supporting PNGs, and JPEGs in PDF documents as they are no longer recompressed. Just be aware that the larger file size of documents for combining, the more time it will take to process.


In a sentence, Combine PDFs is a smart tool which is recommended for PDF users to manage their documents more conveniently.


The Good

  • Provides search in preview
  • Combines numerous PDFs with no limit

The Bad

  • Does not support file editing
  • Takes relative long time when processing more PDFs