deskUNPDF Tool

The deskUNPDF is an easy-to-use tool which is rich in options. It lets you convert PDF files into a large collection of other document formats with ease. Therefore, it’s generally a nice tool for PDF users who want to transform their files to more manageable, deliverable or editable formats.

The interface of this program is like a breeze and it’s simple to navigate. You can open your PDF from typically marked icon, check it on main interface and then use the left-side panel to specific a conversion format. You may also configure the parameters that you would like to set for the output files.


Generally, the conversion performance of this tool is fast and stable. It also preserves the original content in converted files precisely. Considering that there’s a degree of issues in PDF converters, while the deskUNPDF is of relatively better accuracy and preservation, it works as powerful as PDf software Mac. Moreover, deskUNPDF supports OCR, too, but it may require download of extra plug-in which costs. I personally think that this setting is not quite comfortable for users, for OCR has already become a standard in PDF converter applications. Despite this point, deskUNPDF is still a decent PDF tool.


The Good

  • Convert PDF files to many formats including Office documents
  • Precise conversions

The Bad

  • Occasionally misplace the text and images in converted files
  • No user guide in the software