Doro PDF Writer – Make PDF For Free


Doro PDF Writer is a freeware for Win users to create PDF documents at no cost. If you do not have MS Office or prefer not to pay for it, you can still generate PDF files easily within this tool. This software works as installing a virtual printer for you to create PDF easily from any Windows app.

By using Doro PDF writer, if you don’t aiming at professional document creation, you can create high quality documents without adopting best PDf Editor Mac. It works well with all Windows applications including freeware as long as they support printing, so that you can get PDF files totally free. All you have to do is simply choose Doro PDF Writer from program’s settings bar before printing the files.


Once you have activated this PDF writer, it will start and offer users a few options for adding title, author name and subject to the PDF files. It also features security settings like 128-bit encryption, privilege of copy & paste, password security and etc. You can easily apply these settings to PDF documents and prevent users from using your files without permission. To conclude, Doro PDF Writer is quite easy to go with and works precisely as it says. In addition, it’s purely free that won’t add any watermark or ad on your files. Such setting is relatively rare in this kind of software. Therefore, you can use it to create files without worrying about anything.


The Good

  • Compatible with all Win apps
  • Work like a standard printer
  • Support file encryption and pin number protection

The Bad

  • No advanced editing option