Free LibreOffice

If you are looking for a free Office for Mac, despite the Open Office, you can also opt to LibreOffice. This comprehensive office processor is a professional management and productivity package for your computer.


Take a glance at this softaware, you may find may aspects similar to MS Office or Open Office – it features an abundant set of management tools on par with MS Office itself. In general, LibreOffice provides up to six tools to fulfill your needs on processing documents, files, sheets, diagrams, projects and etc. These tools are Text Document, Presentation, Database, Formula, Spreadsheet and Drawing.


During evaluation, we found the Text Document and Spreadsheet were synonymous with MS Word and Excel, while the Presentation and Database were also mirrors of PowerPoint and Access. But the functionality of Drawing and Formula were relatively distinctive, so you could have the extra bonus in entire package. Moreover, LibreOffice is compatible with the documents processed by MS Office, capable of generating PDF files, and also retains its own formats called Open Document. And if you want to edit PDF on Mac or Win like dealing with Word, please check the home page.

For users who are accustomed to MS Office, LibreOffice is quite easy to go with, but those who are new to Office may take some time to learn it. Especially when you want to master some advanced features, there will be no shortcuts available. After all, LibreOffice is a MS Office style suite, that many people should find it useful with their Office experience. Therefore, LibreOffice is a must-try tool for managing and processing your office project effectively.


The Good

  • Open source freeware
  • Complete suite comprises 6 components
  • Work well with PDF and MS Office.

The Bad

  • May take time to get used to advanced settings and functions