PDF Download

  • License: Free
  • Software Type: PDF Utility
  • Updated: August 8, 2011

User who usually have to deal with PDF documents may be annoyed when downloading a PDF document but it ends up crashing their browsers. PDF Download is a nice tool which completely solves such issues by enabling users to take control of PDF files when they’re opened and downloaded. Instead of accessing a PDF file on web without knowing what will happen, PDF Download shows you the exact file size with options for opening it, downloading it, turning it to HTML and more. This smart tool effectively avoids the issues of PDF files which may take a long time to open – you can identify it from the file size and choose the alternative to download it directly and view it later. Since PDF documents with huge size are quite common on web, it will be surely beneficial for real PDF users.


Within this tool, you will be usually presented with 3 options to deal with your files (Convert PDF to HTML, download PDF and open PDF in browser), unless you have always chosen the same option – it will make it as default for you. There’s an extra bonus comes with this tool, which I believe making it distinctive from the similar ones: it’s compatible not only with Adobe Reader, but also Foxit Reader and some freeware.


After all, PDF Download is a gorgeous PDF tool which completely solves the problem when web browser crash in reading PDF documents and provides handy options for saving PDF properly.



  • Avoids the risks of browsers crash due to PDF files
  • Friendly settings for properly saving PDFs


  • Sometimes cannot solve the crash completely