Review of ThreatFire

ThreatFire is truely a memorable anti-spyware protection software which protects in real-time and cost less resources. This software is intended for behavior-based protection, which suggests users automatically when it senses something suspicious taking location. Therefore, the performance is more or less depending on constant system and hard drive scans, but definitely offering decent protection against unknown, newly released and Internet threats. It’s extraordinarily effective and provides comprehensive protection.It’s apparent that ThreatFire monitors your PC punctually, but all of this should be based on activating the scanning, which has somehow no way to trace the progress. Also, since this program was developed for computer protection, it could be hard to turn down or halt. Even if you cannot find it in windows, it still runs in taskbar and seems hard to clear. After all, as a free program, it really does what it claims and suitable for those who usually need to work with Internet and keep their computers clean.


Tips: ThreatFire currently works on each 64 bit and 32 bit machines.


The Good

  • Protects PC before virus reaches it.
  • Provides punctual scans to solve potential threats.

The Bad

  • No hints of progress.
  • Cannot be closed easily.