How to Annotate PDF Mac

If you want to make annotations on PDF, there’s no way easier than editing directly on your PDF. The Wondershare PDF Editor lets you achieve this objective with ease – you can fully utilize the capability of annotator to produce a satisfied PDF. With this professional tool, you can simply change text, insert a line, crop an image or add call-outs with no hassle. You will be able to find out loads of annotative options in this tool:


  • Sticky Note / Text Box
  • Insert / Crop / Re-size / Trim / Cut (Image)
  • Insert / Re-size / Rotate / Color / Remove (Text)
  • Add / Remove Page
  • Pan / Zoom in / Zoom out
  • Draw Line / Outline / Call Out / Arrows / Eraser / Highlight Area
  • OCR (Available in PDF Editor Pro)

Follow the guide to learn how to annotate PDF via PDF Editor on Mac OS X Lion (Also Mountain Lion).


1.Installation and Activation
Take a free download for PDF Editor Mac, activate it, import the PDF files and you will see the interface illustrated as below.

Click “Tools” on top menu and you will forward to the drop-down list of rich annotation tools (Already described above). To use them, just click on “Customize” and then drag & drop the icons to tool bar.


2. Add Text Box and Sticky Note
As the most commonly used options in PDF annotator, you can use Text Box and Sticky Note to add your thoughts on pages. As mentioned before, you can drag & drop the icons of these two options on top bar and then click to use them. You can insert both of them to any place in current document. The default color is yellow but you can change it to anyone you like. Once published, if you want to see the sticky note on PDF, just click the newly added yellow icon and it will appear.

3. Draw Line Annotations
In PDF Editor, you can also draw and mark the pages with various graphics and lines. So there’re totally 6 shapes for users to mark over pages. All of them could be found on drawing option which can be found from annotate menu.

4. Create Flexible Graphics and Add Links
There’s a pencil-look icon on Annotation menu which lets you draw free-hand graphics on PDF with ease. Such icon includes 3 options: Hand-free Drawings, Eraser and Link. You can use “Eraser” to eliminate the drawings. And you can apply hyperlinks to the highlighted area by using “Link” and pointing to either a inner page or external site.


5.Makeup PDF Text
You can use a highlight color to specified text, such tool lets you color, underline and cross out the chosen sentences or words. All such function can help you make memos on reading PDF with ease.

Here’s a sample PDF page processed by annotator, now you can achieve the same or even better results by taking a free download, enjoy!