How to Edit images in PDF

Business / educational users who work with PDF documents may often need to edit their PDF files. In any cases related to PDF editing, you will find your one-stop solution in PDF Editor for Mac. This robust tool brings brisk editing experience for Mac users with no hassle. To start, you can take a free trial by clicking the “Download” link below while you can also have free tech support for all the time.


An image says a thousand words – pictures are playing an important role in all documents include PDF. To deal with the graphics in PDF files obtained from external sources, just take a free trial, activate the program and then follow the instructions as below.


1. Import PDF files
Before getting started, you may customize the toolbar by clicking “Customize” on it, and then drag “Insert Image” and “Crop Image” to the toolbar for using more conveniently later. After that, import your PDF files with images to the program, and wait for a while until it has entered the editing mode. On top menu, choose “Touchup Tool” in toolbar, back to your content and select an image or graphic, and then you will be able to move it to any place (Drag & drop) inside the document or delete it. For editing text, just check how to edit text in PDF.


2. Insert Image to Current Documents
To add images from external source into current document, just click “Insert Image” on top menu and then locate to an image in your local drive. Don’t forget to use “Crop Image” to adjust it before you put it in proper place.


3. Complete
Despite importing images from outside, you can also modify the existing ones by using “Crop Image”. Or if you want to make further editing on current images, you may export them to JPG, process them through image editors like Snagit, and then import it again to your PDF document.