How to Edit Scanned PDF

In common PDF tools, scanned PDF pages are recognized as images, thus you can not truly edit the words. With OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology in Wondershare PDF Editor, it is quite simple to turn scanned PDF pages into searchable and editable texts.


Before we explain the steps about how to use it, we would like to introduce the OCR effect which differs in different PDF tools, this depends on the mode they select. In Adobe Acrobat 10, you can use OCR to convert the scanned pages to searchable texts, and the typesetting looks almost the same as the original one, but you can not edit the words. With this mode, the advantage is that the typesetting such as background color is the same as the original one, so if you do not need to edit the words, this is a good choice. Many PDF editor tools have adopted this kind of OCR technology. In Wondershare PDF Editor, there is small improvement: After you perform OCR, you can truly edit the words besides searching, this is very useful. If you have to edit the words, this one is strongly recommended.


It is also very easy to use OCR for junior learners. After you import a scanned PDF document, the program will detect automatically whether it is a scanned one, and inform you to perform OCR, you can skip it if it is not necessary at that moment, then access it from the menu later. Meanwhile, PDF editor software has provided 22 languages to choose for OCR performance, you could select more than one language for documents with multiple languages. After OCR process it completed, you can edit the words directly and effortlessly.