How to Edit Text in PDF

1.Import PDF files

Start the program and get to the main interface, you will find it illustrated as below. Import PDF files to the program by clicking …. The program features editing PDF files directly like working on Word, so if you want to add text to current document, just click “Add Text” in toolbar, and then you can click on any area on the page to add in text.


2.Turn text in PDF to Edtialbe Blocks

Go to “Touchup Tool” in toolbar and then you will be able to edit text flexibly. You can click on a text and delete / move it by using drag & drop. And if you want to edit any text, just double click it, and then you can modify it within a editable text block. A sample is illustrated as below.


3.Complete and Save Changes

Generally, you can modify any text by importing the origin document to Mac PDF Editor, but if your system does not support the text font of external PDF files, it will pop-up a window to assist you. You will be able to choose either auto-match font or select a font for editing the text. If you prefer to always choose auto-match afterwards, you can customize settings in “General” panel by clicking “PDF Editor” – “Preference” in menu bar.


You can check the text font available in your Mac system by clicking “Apple” – “Appearance” – “Fonts”, then it pops the fonts menu:

When you have set the text fronts and finished all the modifications, just click “Save” to preserve your changes. Now you will receive a fresh revised PDF file, and if you want to annotate or add comments on it, please check How to Annotate PDF.