How to Unprotect PDF

PDF format has been commonly used for delivering business documents on Internet because of the reliable protection. If you have the adminstration password of PDF, you can remove encryption with ease. This guide will help you remove PDF password within the permission of document owner. By removing the password protection, you will be able to edit PDF including images, text and other elements without restriction.


1. To start, run your Adobe Acrobat and open the editor tool, and then forward to main interface.


2. Go to menu, select “File” and then click “Open”. You can then press “Browse” button to choose your PDF files and click “Ok” to confirm.


3. Locate to the “Tasks” toolbar, click the “Lock” button on it, and then select “Remove Security” from the menu items. After that, enter the admin password in the promoted dialogue and you can press “Ok” to take off the password protection of the PDF.


If you are looking for a more economical way which lets you unprotect PDF conveniently, please look for PDF Editor Mac. Within this tool, you can simply take a free download, import PDF files to the program and then re-save it to a new document without protection. The whole process will only take a few minutes, but can let you get rid of the troubles at low cost.